The judging process

The steps to win an EDP Award are very similar since the past years. You will find more about the submission in the respective section in the right column.

As soon a product is submitted the evaluation process starts and the members of the EDP Technical Committee investigate the features and qualities of the submitted products – by consulting other experts as well. At the end of the submission period the Committee nominates the best ones in a category for the final judging round.

Representatives of all the member magazines discuss the nominations also under aspects such as value to the user, support, service and other arguments. The EDP members finally decide which product will be awarded with an EDP trophy.

2 Steps to participate

The competition is open to all products in the digital production chain. Solutions introduced since October 16, 2021 or to be announced before September 15, 2022 are entitled to participate in the competition.

To be part of this year’s EDP Awards is summarized in 2 easy steps:
1. Submit as many products as you would like to
2. Pay the entry fee

Participation fee

The organisation of the EDP Awards, the preparation and production of the documentation, the maintenance of the website, the accompanying marketing material, the judging and the presentation of the awards require a great deal of personal commitment, high administrative effort and considerable costs. To cover these, EDP charges a participation fee. This is a precondition for participation in the competition. The invoice will be sent to you with an official confirmation after your application has been reviewed by the Technical Committee.

For this year’s awards we offer a graduated price list.

Early bird fee:
1 product in 1 category, submitted until July 31 — 300 €

Entry fee: 1 product in 1 category, submitted until September 15 — 500 €

Multiple nomination (same product in different categories): Basic participation fee plus fee per nomination in each category — 250 €

The Technical Commitee

Innovation is the focus for judging the awards. The EDP Technical Committee judge the products on the value of new technical abilities they offer. This can be innovation in the technology that improves speed, quality, usability and functionality or reduces environmental impact as well as cost to the user.

Detailed information on the Awards, the judging results and a protocol on all entries will be published in the Technical Report.

The categories

EDP honors products and solutions in many different categories. The main categories are the following. Each main category includes a variety of subcategories. The detailed list can be found in the brochure.

  • Software/Hardware
  • Large & Wide Format Printing Systems
  • Commercial Printing Systems
  • (Industrial) Print & Finishing Solutions
  • Finshing & Enhancement Solutions
  • Consumables
  • Accompanying Technologies